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Be grateful

21 Dec

Good evening my loves,

Hope everyone had a good day if not it’s okay. Just take some time out & give thanks. Right now I have so many things going on in my head that I can’t seem to focus on my needs & wants. I do know that in 2012 I am going to work for myself & I will be able to do the things I want to do. I have put my all in other people’s business so now it’s time for me to do that for myself. I want to be able to go on vacation, I want to go into a store and buy what I want & not have to worry about money.

Well since my blog is called noniknowzthingz I should tell you about somethings that are going on.

Well if you need to finish Christmas shopping:

Macy’s is having it’s Last one day sale before Christmas and starting Wednesday Dec 21st 2 7am until Saturday Dec 24th 6pm they will be open for 24 hrs.. Hey no lines & less people

Toys R Us also started Tuesday Dec 20th-Saturday Dec 24th open for 24 hrs.

Check out for the latest in beauty, fashion, gossip & motivation

For your nails check out:

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Kisses & huggs from the girl everyone says knowz everything… Muah until next time


Hey World

20 Dec

Hey World,

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did…

I had a date with my man & we had such a great time… We went to see Tower Heist… Yeah yeah yeah I know it’s been out for awhile but hey we are two busy people. The movie was okay, I so thought it would be funnier then what it was. But it was good.

Went to church on Sunday Shout Out to Love Oasis Christian Center Queens Village NY 11428 Pastor Victory & Laura Lowery… I so love my pastors and church family… Sometimes I don’t like attending church because I feel out of place.. I’m 34 with a 15 year old daughter &  I feel so out of place. But I’m not there for the groups I’m there for the word. hey I’m being honest if you don’t like o well these are my feeling…

Sometimes in life we have to make choices to make. People always have something to say about someone’s relationship, clothes, hair, job, & etc… I remember when I started my relationship some of my friends had nothing but bad things to say & I would get upset & one day I said you know what when you see us together you will understand the love that we have for each other. I am so glad that he & I have been through things because it has made our relationship a lot stronger & I’m have finally let myself be taken care of.. O don’t get it twisted I do for myself but I also let my man be the man. In this last year our love has grown so strong that it is so hard to explain. I can be upset & with one word or touch i will feel so much better. We can pray together, we push each other so we can fulfill our destiny.

Why do we have to judge everyone? I know I use to do it & I would say I don’t like that person & I didn’t even know then. It wasn’t until one day someone judged me & I got so upset that I made the choice not to say I don’t like someone that I don’t know. I may say I don’t like the way they are acting or what they may have said or their actions but I no longer judge.

It’s time to take a stand & fulfill my dreams… No more holding back & working hard to build someone else dream.. It’s time to SET MY FREE….

Until we meet again

kisses & huggs from your girl that everyone says knowz everything Noniknowzthingz MUAH

Getting to know NoniKnowz

17 Dec

Dec, 17, 2012

Wow what a crazy week this has been… Let’s see…. Monday I almost broke my arm, Tuesday a facebook post made me upset, Wednesday a customer called me a “fat pig” because I didn’t say excuse me fast enough for her, then on my way home after dinner I thought I lost my metrocard ($50) only to find it Thursday morning after spending $11 & today was a good day. I went to a Girl’s Night Out hosted by my friend Pastry Chef Danielle Moore of Annie Mae’s Cheese Cake & Moore (Located in Brooklyn NY http://WWW.Anniemaescheesecakes.Com) & I met 2 beautiful ladies Kashinda ( Touched By Kashinda Therapeutic Massages 917-892-8425) & Tiwana (The Gingerbread House Jewelry & Beauty). My girl Danielle (…

While at the party we were talking about relationships, love, sex & trust… One young lady was in a relationship for 11 years & felt hurt because it of the lies that were told to her. Another young lady was with someone for 12 year & was not mad that they did not get married because she just knew he was not the one for her & as for me.. well my man & I have been through somethings & those things have made us stronger…. You should never feel a  broken relationship as a waste of time… It’s a experience that you should learn from. I have learned that someone will always have something to say about your relationship with someone especially if that person is single…

After talking about relationship we started talking about body scrubs & sex… I brought a great body scrub from Kashinda (Candy Roxxx & man o man talk about a sexy scent… girl it’s on tonight…Well anyway one young lady to me…. ” I know you are nasty” & I said how do you know she said “when you speak your tongue comes out your mouth” man I started laughing because I never heard that before.. We laughed and it was great.

I’m so glad I met these beautiful woman because we are all going to change the world 2012..

Well that’s it for tonight

kisses & huggs from your girl that everyone says knowz everything Noniknowzthingz MUAH